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Lead Generation

Laser Medical Marketing is dedicated to providing fresh, strong and accurate leads to participating clinics and we do this through lead generation. Your business can use our sites as a means to generate new leads and ultimately increase sales. Our company will be able to keep track of every lead generated for each clinic using two simple strategies: customized consultation forms and toll free 800 numbers. These strategies will allow Laser Medical Marketing to track information supplied by each potential patient in order to provide leads to affiliated clinics.

Each individual website maintained by our company will contain a customized consultation form that appropriately pertains to the information within the site. This interactive online consultation will help potential patients determine if the procedure they are researching is right for them. Within seconds of the form submission, the interactive consultation will deliver results via e-mail, which will reveal whether or not the individual is an ideal candidate for the procedure. The e-mail containing the results will also provide the address and phone number of the closest participating clinic in the potential patient's area-your clinic.

When consultation forms are filled out by potential patients, each form is tracked. Tracking consultation forms is a way of generating leads for clinics. Within 10 seconds, the consultation results will be sent from our site to the participating clinic in the potential patient's area; this ensures that all consultation leads are completely fresh and new. By monitoring and tracking consultation forms, we are able to keep accurate track of the number of leads generated through consultation forms for each participating affiliate.

Each site will also contain a toll free 800 number. Potential patients can call the toll free number in order to obtain more information regarding specific cosmetic procedures. Using the potential patient's information, each call is automatically re-routed (by area code and zip code) so that it drops into the participating clinic within the caller's area. Using this system, each toll free call made can be monitored and tracked. Each call can be recorded for close observation. Calls can also be tracked for caller ID, time, length and disposition code. Monitoring and tracking calls is just another way to keep an accurate count of the amount of leads generated for each affiliate, which allows clinics to keep a precise account of their ROI.

Any business can greatly benefit from being a part of our innovative program. When working with our company, all of these lead generation options can significantly increase the flow of traffic toward your clinics site, and ultimately increase your gross income. There's no easier way to successfully market online than with Laser Medical Marketing.